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The Best Global Speaker on Happiness and Wellbeing

Dr. Suresh Devnani, commonly known as “the Happy Doctor” is an award-winning global speaker on happiness. Suresh is #1 international bestselling author of Happiness Reinvented and ranked top 10 most inspirational TED speakers on Happiness and mental wellbeing.

His groundbreaking research on happiness and positive psychology is regularly featured in countless media outlets and he has been invited to share his ideas at TEDx on four separate occasions.

Suresh is an internationally recognized global expert on happiness and well-being at work.

Dr. Devnani has trained and served thousands of individuals; entrepreneurs, educators, corporate leaders, professionals, and over-achievers in over 123 countries through his books, videos, online courses, and keynote speeches.

He is committed to serving organizations build innovative, thriving sustainable organizations.




Building Great Leaders for Thriving Businesses, and United Communities. Everyone Deserves to Work in a Happier, Sustainable Workplace.

I am committed to serving individuals and organizations who aspire to make a substantial positive impact in the world.

My name is Suresh, I have been awarded the following recognitions, “101 Top Global Coaching Leaders”, 101 Most Fabulous Global Training & Development Leaders”, and “51 Most Fabulous Global Happiness Leaders” by the World HRD Congress.

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We knew there was something wrong, but our managers just didn’t want to spend money doing something that might not work. Dr. Devnani’s masterclass changed all that, and we suddenly found our staff smiling around the office. I am both humbled and embarrassed to say that I was wrong. Thank you, Sir for fixing our performance

Hatem Bacha

Human Resources Director TunisieTélécom

We never thought that we would actually see an improvement on our bottom line. The subject of happiness often seems elusive, but Dr. Devnani, in his thought-provoking manner, has successfully made us think and re-think this concept to vastly improve our business

Col. KC. Menon

Regional Manager Human Resources ITC Hotels Part of the Starwood Hotels Luxury Collections

I was doing excellently and our numbers were great. There was no such thing as too much money, but I was skeptical to address the ‘wishy washy’ things about Happiness. Our employees seemed fine to me. But Dr. Devnani showed me that underneath what seemed like a solid exterior, our company had a real toxic culture that led to high turnover rates costing us dearly. With a 1-week intensive program and yearly follow-ups, we cut our turnover rate by 70%. Asmaa Hassouni

General Manager Royal Air Maroc