Are you Pessimist or Optimist?

Think about some awkward events that have taken place in your life, and try to remember how you proceeded in managing those situations. It is no doubt that our thoughts influence our behaviour, attitude, our life, and all those people surrounding us. Our thoughts are like a video we play. Whatever video we play, is what we see and think. Thoughts that we keep repeating influence our over well being.

If you don’t believe me, lets try a little experiment. Tonight before going to bed, think about a single idea. It may be the girl of your dreams (hopefully this is your wife if your married), images of luxury, a place, or a time you remember. Chances are, if you successfully do this for a number of nights, that on one of those nights, this idea will appear in your dreams.

When this occurs, it has entered your subconscious mind. Wondering why you keep having nightmares? Perhaps its time to cut down on the amount you watch the news, dramatised shows and horrific video games. My son used to have a chronic problem with nightmares as a child, which came to a point where he became scared to go to sleep. And the cure: stop watching Scooby Doo, scary movies and ghost hunting shows. And his problem was cured. It was the stimulus around him that was affecting his subconscious mind.

This does not mean in order to be happy you must isolate yourself from the world, shave your head, live in a cave and meditate all day long. All that is required is for you to strike a balance between how much you preoccupy yourself with matters that are negative in nature, and how much you appreciate circumstances that are positive in nature. The key here is to find an equilibrium. If you’re a trader, this does not mean you should turn off CNBC or Bloomberg in the morning if they are providing you valuable information about your stock being a bad pick, but this means that you do not indulge in negativity more than you need to.


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