Success surely doesn’t immunize us from depression, professional anxiety, marital problems, parenting issues or stress.
Like the many c-suite executives, professionals, actors, politicians, and high achievers that I’ve worked with – the main reason they are seeking coaching/ counselling is because they are feeling overwhelmed and need someone to share their anxiety, emotions and challenges with. There is nothing stopping you from being truly fulfilled and unconditionally happy.

Yes, life can be both rewarding and joyful all the time.

Life is sweet. Life is a privilege. All it takes is your willingness and a kindred mentor to guide you.

The 1 -on-1 coaching/ counselling experience is customized and here to help you continue on the path to reaching your highest potential, even when you are already exceptionally successful.

Some common reasons people request coaching/ counselling include:
• Parenting concerns / questions
• Lack of confidence
• Career development
• Stress management
• Lack of motivation
• Fitness / health struggles
• Breaking bad habits
• Overcoming psychological barriers
• Self-worth problems
• Book coaching / Speaking business questions

Unlike normal therapy, I am here to empower you to free yourself from anxiety, pain, suffering, sadness, and self-limiting beliefs that are stopping you. Let’s builds the mental strength you need to move forward to thrive and lead a conscious life:

Improved relationships with family and friends
Improved health and well-being
Improved spiritual and intellectual growth
Improved creativity and resiliency
Supportive in the way you lead and win.
Most people meet with me for a few hours every month. Others only need one or two online video chat consultations.

What People Are Saying About Dr. Suresh Devnani

You are really like my beacon of light  you helped me see the light at the end of tunnel. You are really inspirational, you are a true giver, you are really amazing, you are really the Happy Doctor, you are so fast in giving, all your clients will greatly benefit so much from you. You are really a man of true wisdom, so generous, and sharing wisdom. I am so blessed to have had this opportunity to have you in my life, keep inspiring “ 

Brenda Tan Speaker, Author & Coach


” My Family is now financially and emotionally secure – as a direct result of Dr. Suresh Devnani’s help and support. ”

Charlene Wirono – Speaker on Suicide Prevention, Mental Health & Diversity

” Dr. Suresh has been a very good guide for me and has been able to answer all my time critical questions, I was able to let go of all my sorrow and pain that I was carrying from my past. Now I am free to live my personal life in my terms, and fully support my family. 

Laura Scheffner Alonso – International Travel Blogger & Successful Mompreneur

” His knowledge in helping people become HAPPY to have a complete life, I think he is the one. Who is able to make such a big difference in my understanding in what it means in having a complete life enjoying both financial success and the sort of life I want with my family.” 

Lisa Ng – Owner of a Leading Wellness Consultancy Firm with Offices in Both Australia & Singapore

” Personally felt the way that he has passion for helping people and helping me, helping me to higher place, already a successful person, so much more successful potentially challenged me as a person made me want to be better … thinking about various ways in using Suresh’s tools, I can be a better person. “

Steve McKnight  – A Successful Property Investor, Australia’s #1 Best Selling Business Author & Founder of the Biggest Online Property Investing Website