If you look around, you will see that people who regularly win have winning thoughts. Winning is a state of Mind, and we all can be winners if we start thinking and making decisions like a winner.

The first thing you have to realise before you go any further is that winning is not a destiny, it is a choice. Happiness is not for the lucky, or the blessed, or the chosen ones among us, but rather, Happiness is a property that exists in all men and women alike, coloured or white, Asian or American, tall or short, rich and poor. And one of the greatest problem that so many people I train experience, is that they honestly believe that according to their Palmistry, Astrological Chart, Numerology or a Fortune Teller, that they are destined to fail and be miserable, to be limited by divine forces they cannot control. They believe, that some God or Deity that wishes for them to be poor and suffer loss has predetermined their life. These are not winners – these are people who let pseudoscience take control of their lives. These are people who let others define how far they can go. These are people who will never grow, because they will never realise until the day they die, that all the greatness they seek was always within them.

Most people are restricted by their negative thoughts that prevent them from fully utilising all the resources available to them. While many individuals may disagree with this statement, it is not difficult to observe this in our everyday lives

Most negative thoughts come from two sources: First being past conditioning which has been passed on to us by our parent’s, relatives, teachers, community and friends who have told us what we can and can’t do and our mind has taken all this to be true for everything we do.

The second source of negative thoughts comes directly from our very own brain’s defence mechanisms. Your thinking and physiological systems are all working to protect you from harm that have been conditioned by our first source. This defence mechanism is actually working on pre-conditions set by our early growth which is self-limiting our potential to be a winner.

You are now an adult and have a very capable mind to help you make your very own judgment.

Your journey to be a winner begins with “winning thoughts“. These are inspirations that push your spirit high, when your imagination takes wings and you dream about achieving great things beyond your comprehension.

A winner is a person who has determination, who is disciplined, who is motivated, has the desire in improving his life, willing to acquire new skills, willing to overcome obstacles and challenges, and wants to rise to the top in his field of expertise.

7 Traits of a Winning Mindset

  1. Has a ‘can do’ attitude.
  2. Passionate, loves what they do.
  3. Grateful for all they have.
  4. Helps others to succeed.
  5. Does not envy anyone else.
  6. Self-Confidence, believes in their self.
  7. Forgiving Heart, forgives others easily.

There is no doubt that most of us admire, envy, and respect winners, who have the great power of succeeding in whatever they do.

By being envious of other people’s success, we are essentially informing ourselves that we do not know what we want from our own lives. Just because John Doe has this or does that, does not mean that you need the same.

Wouldn’t it better that you set your own objectives? By having a clear vision for your own life, what another person achieves or acquires won’t matter: you will know exactly where you are, why you are there, where you need to go and what you need to do to get there, you can also be a Winner.

Wouldn’t it be better that you channel all your energy into your own success by thinking of ways in improving your own situation? It may often be tempting to expend our energy in criticising others, finding their flaws and making ourselves feel marginally more confident about ourselves. But in the long term, criticising does no good. More often than not, the very individuals who you criticised may have been hurt initially, but then may have received your thoughts in a more constructive nature, thereby improving themselves. Think about this, and you’ll realise it’s true. Your efforts in bringing someone down always backfire, and will only send them higher. Criticism is not always a bad thing, but it should never be used as a weapon. If you need to criticise, channel that into yourself and make yourself the best you can be.

My son was someone who was a very timid public speaker in his early years, and was heavily criticised for it, being told that he would always do better on the sidelines and away from the limelight. Initially, I could tell it hurt him, and in reality it can diminish your spirit and self-esteem, especially in a child. But in the long run, it drove him to push harder, and by the age of sixteen was awarded the Top National Award for Debate and Public Speaking in Singapore. And the one thing he told me that night years ago was: ‘What if I had accepted their view of me? What if I had accepted myself as a timid speaker? Surrendered to a life that was nothing like what I dreamed of?’ That is precisely the point, not only did that criticism hurt him, but sent him higher. But more than that, despite how hard it is, despite how deep and sheltered that faucet of greatness is within you, we have to find it. We have to search, even if it takes months, years, or a lifetime. But what only few in life can tell you, is that it exists within every man the right to be a Winner.


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