Six Ways in Preventing Teenage Depression

Parents can take these easy steps to reduce the risk of depression in their teenagers mental health during their challenging part of life.

One out of every five teenagers will experience some form of depression during their adolescence. Even if your teen has shown no obvious signs of depression, chances are he/she has gone through some temperamental days, leaving most Parents worried and not knowing what steps to take in Preventing Teenage Depression.

There are many reasons why teenagers fall into depression. If your child is in risk for depression, their are certain things that parents can do to decrease the likelihood for their child to experience this every growing disorder.

In some cases depression can also be an inherited disease and, for some teenagers this may be unavoidable and professional help will be required.

Here are Six Ways in Preventing Teenage Depression that my Wife and I apply with our 12 year daughter and 20 year old son, that can Help Prevent Teenage Depression:

  • Encourage and Support your child’s Passions. Provide them with Continual Warmth, Care, and Support.
  • Be the Role Model and Teach Strong Social and Emotional Skills.
  • Focus on Good things that Happen everyday and Encourage Positive Peer relationships. Maintain open lines of Communication.
  • Teach them Mindfulness Techniques to Release Stress.
  • Find Purpose in Life, inspire, develop and back them to change their Stressful Environment into Supportive Environment.
  • Persist on Regular Sleeping hours, they still need Eight or Nine hours of sleep a night to stay Positively Motivated.


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