We all have restless minds mainly caused by our beliefs and past conditionings. We are so strongly engaged with our beliefs that it is tremendously difficult for us to understand that these are merely painful ideas and detaching from them can lead to peace and happiness. So many people have conditioned you that now you thoughtlessly believe your mind without even reflecting on the validity and understanding the effects this will have on your true state towards fulfillment and happiness.

Our mind is set to manage external disturbances and upheavals that are continually going on within us both of these aspects interfere in our ability to focus and therefore are related to each other.

For example, if you are busy reading a book and suddenly there is a disturbance from someone watching television near the space were you are reading, you start focusing your thoughts associated with the person watching the television. The mind jumps from one thought to another. Despite of the fact that your eyes may be fixed on the book, the mind is actually far away and not registering what the eyes may be reading.

Another reason is stress, which is experienced by everyone and is an integral part of 21st century live. In school, work, or even at home, stress cannot be avoided. Stress can affect the daily activities in many ways than one. It can lead to poor motor functions and impede intellectual functions or how we think and behave. Stress can make you feel restless making it hard to focus and concentrate. Feeling restless can affect the quality of work of an individual. It leaves a feeling of uneasiness and discomfort.


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