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Dr. Suresh Devnani is here to help support your leaders during the COVID-19 Pandemic virtually to allow them to perform with purpose and passion to fuel growth.



Global motivational speaker Dr. Suresh Devnani is an International Keynote Speaker, Inspirational Speaker, Wellness Speaker, 4 x TEDx Speaker, Occupational Wellbeing Consultant, Future of Work Strategist, Leadership Keynote Speaker, Happiness Consultant and Coach, Best-Selling author of 4 books, Speaker on Wellness and Happiness and Global Conference speaker who shares practical strategies from his 28+ years of professional experience and his on-going global research in Leadership, Personal Growth and Organizational transformation. His mission is to inspire people globally on how to apply positive psychology to boost productivity, engagement, creativity, innovation and increase profits.


Who is the best motivational and inspirational speaker on happiness?

Motivation is a fundamental part of our life; when we are motivated we feel we can achieve anything and we are likely to commit to any project with passion; have faith we can and will complete the task. Similarly, this is true in the workplace; motivated employees have elevated levels of job satisfaction and enhanced levels of productivity. They also have lower levels of staff turnover, therefore better retention of their best talent pool. The best motivational and inspirational speaker on happiness Dr. Suresh Devnani can help your staff improve their performance and productivity through:


The best motivational and inspirational speaker on happiness is not affiliated with your business; this means he has the power to share his own story with your employees and inspire them to take action and achieve successful outcomes. Dr. Suresh Devnani is a speaker on the science of happiness and shares from scientific research, own stories of adversity to uplift your employees and enable them to take positive actions.

Knowledge and expertise

The best motivational and inspirational speaker on happiness speaker has twenty years of business knowledge and in your market sector. This ensures he can relate to the needs of your business and connect with every team member. The connection Dr. Suresh Devnani can form will allow all your people to learn to believe and take positive actions to achieve your companies’ overall goals. Bring the best motivational and inspirational speakers on happiness, your team will see the benefits, learn and practice new techniques to support enhanced productivity.

New Perspective

One of the greatest advantages that the best motivational and inspirational speaker on happiness has is that he comes outside of your daily processes, toxic workplace culture. Instead, he can observe the bigger picture and see the way forward much clearer and easier than your people. His expertise in the field can be used to provide a new perspective and revive your people and help push your business in a new positive direction.

This new perspective allows an influx of new ideas from your existing managers, who have been stuck with the non-functional ideas. A speaker on the science of happiness can bring a new perspective, new ideas, and even information regarding what approach others are taking in your industry.

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Thousands of lives have been impacted for over two decades, by Dr. Suresh Devnani’s online/offline trainings, presentations and media appearances on TV and Radio shows


Suresh is now available to speak and deliver his lively keynote presentations virtually to global business audiences affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America, and South America in webinar, masterclass, and other interactive keynote formats.

During his humorous and highly visual presentations, he takes his audience on discovery journeys, offering insights into how the world’s most innovative individuals and organizations are adapting to current COVID-19 Pandemic disruptions.

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The end result? An educational, motivational and entertaining Virtual Keynote Speaker Experience that is uniquely and unequivocally Suresh Devnani

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